Got all territories, but i still have to protect them.

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I've done all the story missions, and took over all the visible purple
and yellow territories in Los Santos and made them green, (checking the
stats shows that Ballas and Vagos have 0 territories each, while Grove
St. has about 53 I think). But whenever I go to Los Santos, after a
while, I get the call to go and protect my territory. I thought I read
somewhere that once you get all the territories, they don't get
challenged anymore. In fact, I was in Las Venturas and got the call to
go all the way back to Los Santos to protect a territory, which was
surprising. Any thoughts?
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    Apparently there's one territory in San Fierro, and definitely one near
    the boat school. They're quite hard to spot.

    Phil Hibbs.
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    > Any thoughts?

    You have got the yellow territory that's in Bayside haven't you? Take a
    look at the very top-left of the map and check next to the boat school
    (Which will show up as a red dollar sign marker).

    Normally territories only get attacked by other gangs if their in close
    proximity (Or touching borders) with one of theirs.

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