Migrating to boot disk + data disk from one HDD

So after waiting nearly a year I finally hopped onto the SSD bandwagon. I was wondering if anyone has any tips or a guide for moving from a 1.5TB HDD with over 650GB used to using a 120GB SSD for a boot drive and using the 1.5TB HDD for data storage.

Now I have read that it is best to do a fresh Windows 7 install rather than cloning when moving to an SSD, is this true?

If it is recommended that I do a clean install, I would really appreciate some tips or a guide on making the install as seamless as possible.

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  1. Yeah, a clean install would be best-
    Cloning needs a good software and can still go wrong-
    Anyway, how did you want to clone 650 used space to a 120 gb ssd-
    Clean install windows on the ssd-
    Best way to go-
  2. Quote:
    Anyway, how did you want to clone 650 used space to a 120 gb ssd

    Transfer data to external HDD and clone windows+programs to SSD.
  3. Then your Windows + programs should be much less than 120 gb -
    Is that the case ?
    Its up to you, my advice- i would have re installed windows-
  4. Windows+programs are about 80GB (I have lots of games)

    Do you have any advice for doing a clean install?
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    Disconnect all drives except the one you will install Windows on (the ssd), finalise the instalation get all the latest Windows updates, update all your drivers and antivirus software. When you are sure all is working well as it should reactivate Windows.
    Next I strongly suggest you image the ssd drive onto an external drive. Windows does have tools to do it which apperantly work quite well, (I use Acronis) another free one is Macrium Reflect Free Edition Drive Image.
    Once you have done this, I would then connect the other drives and start installing all your programs using the the custom instalation option where possible and select the larger drive as the destination drive, while some portions will still install onto C: the bulk of it will be on your larger drive leaving you more room to play with on the ssd.
  6. ^^ Agreed
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  8. Just to give you guys an update:

    I got my drive today and am completely set up with my new SSD boot drive. Getting everything set up was easier than I thought it would be.

    I used the Windows Easy Transfer program so my windows settings such as user accounts and themes were easy. At the end of the file transfer it gave me a list of programs to install with links for the downloads and that saved a lot of time.

    Another thing that saved me a lot of time was the Sync feature in Google Chrome.

    The only program that gave me trouble was itunes. In the end I had to load all of my music onto my SSD and then use iTunes to consolidate the files onto my data HDD.

    Thank you guys for all your input.
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