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I currently have vista home premium on a 500gb drive, ubuntu on another 500gb drive, and 1 tb drive that both operating systems can access. The vista install is somewhat corrupted and I figured now would be a good time to upgrade to Windows 7 ultimate. I have the full install disc for windows 7. My vista install works still, but it is so much of a pain that I hate using it. There are too many files and programs to backup and then transfer back to the new windows 7 install. How would I upgrade using the disc I have without harming my linux install and retaining all of my programs and files?
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  1. Hello a sandwhich;
    In your position I'd install Win7 into a new partition created on the Vista HDD.
    You'd end up with a triple OS boot system Vista/Win7/Linux.
    Vista and Win7 share the same bootloader so you a new Win7 install should show up on the boot menu.

    That's assuming that Vista and Linux are showing up on the Vista boot menu now.
  2. +1 , Create a new partition[from 1 tb hdd], then install on it, it will be recognized as dual boot.
    But to create a partition, you would have to format the drive-
    So back up, then copy the files back.
  3. Is there any other way? I don't have enough space for both the vista install, my files, and the 20 gb 7 install. I also don't have enough space to back up anything. Thanks for suggestions.
  4. It's not necessary to format a HDD to create a new primary partition.

    You can create a new primary partition on the 1TB HDD.
    Easeus Partition Master Home Edition 6.5.2 works great for this and is easy to use.

    After you've created a new primary partition you'll format the new partition. Just the new partition, not the whole HDD.
    Choose the Custom or Advanced install option to be able to choose the new partition you've created.
    You could also use the Win7 install disk's built in partition manager to create the new partition as during the Custom installation.

    A handy utility for dual or multi boot systems is EasyBDC boot manager.
  5. I have decided to upgrade from within my current vista installation. But when I start up the install and it asks which disk, It shows the two partitions I have my other operating systems installed on. I have not been able to see these disks from within vista before, does this mean 7 will format them and make them impossible to boot from?
  6. It won't format the drive unless you select the option to format. The best thing you could do anyway is install Windows 7 fresh. Upgrading can be a pain in the ass and if you're upgrading an already problematic installation, you'll end up only wishing you had installed fresh anyway. Bite the bullet and back up to DVD if you have to... you'll regret not having a backup of important files sooner or later.
  7. I am actually going to try and create a small partition on the drive with the vista install, but when I try to shrink the current volume, it only allows for 1795 mega bytes. I have freed up 145 GB though and I just defragmented my drive. What is wrong and how would I fix it?
  8. If you're trying to shrink the 'Current Volume' - that's probably your Vista installation? 1.7GB is much too small a partition IMO.
    Especially on a 500GB HDD. In your position I'd shrink the Vista partition to 51,200MB (50GB).
  9. I know that, that is why I freed the 150 GB. But when I go to shrink the volume so I can then partition it, it shows the maximum shrink space is 1790 mb, when I have 150GB free. What is the problem.
  10. Can you post a screen shot that explains what you're talking about?
    Are you saying you want the Vista partition to be smaller than 2GB?

    You might want to think about using Easeus Partition Master Home Edition. It's free and easy to use.

  11. That is what the window looks like, it isn't mine though, mine says 1790 is the maximum while this says 50000.
  12. I just downloaded the program you recomended above and it doesn't say anything about a maximum of 1790. So I'm just going to use it.
  13. Ok, I got it partitioned. It is funny, Before I partitioned it, the free space registered under vista was 145 gb. I created a 50.2 GB partition, and now it says the free space on the drive is 120. Shouldn't it be somewhere around 95? or was the drive partitioning acting as some sort of super defragmentation.
  14. Sounds good. 120GB is more than enough for a good Win7 boot partition.

    The correct math would have been like 145GB free space plus what was taken up with the installed files - about 25GB? 145+25=170 and now you have 50+120=170
  15. Great. I got windows 7 installed and guess what? I can't access my grub boot loader anymore so everytime my computer starts up it goes straight to windows boot manager and displays only vista and 7. How am I supposed to be able to access my linux installs now? That is where all my stuff is!
  16. Wait, I found this article, I am going to try what it says.
  17. Ok, I used rescatux to reapply grub to the hard drive that has ubuntu on it. Then I went into the bios and changed the boot order to boot to the drive with ubuntu on it first. My grub reappeared an I was able to boot into everything that was there before I installed 7, my vista install included. So now how do I get 7 visible?
  18. Ok, I updated the grub and it said it detected 7. I guess everything is fine now.
  19. Get a boot manager. EasyBCD is a good one.
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