running windows 6 64 bit. 2 640 gig western digital blues in rid 0, 8 gigs of ram in dual channel, E8400 cpu, 1 tb drive for documents, page file, temp directory. i have the atheros L1 10/100/1000 ethrnet adaoter on board. viewing status of the conection underi ipv4-internet, ipv6 no internet access. ipv6 is checked, linktopology etc etc is all checked. ipconfig /all shows an ipc6 address. how do i enabe ipv6 internet acess. i now that if i use himegriuo nd create my network that way i could talk to the network using iov6. id ike to br able to usr ipv6 for my intr=ernet/www access thanx in advance.
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  1. Unless your ISP supports IPV6 (unlikely), you'll need to use a tunnel, such as this one.
  2. My isp supports IPV 6 though it's not currently in use , so it has to be enabled . Go to View network connections double click the network icon and select properties. The IPV4 and 6 check-box are located there.
  3. im not sure if time warner cable nyc road runer is using it yet. ill have to find out because ive read dozens of articles and i have the right boxes checked and the apprpriate services running. still no ipv6 internet. if i find RR does not have it in use yet ill just turn off all that wasted use of services and things. save some memory, not that i need it.
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    Assuming this list is up-to-date it looks like Time Warner doesn't support IPV6 yet. As well as the ISP your router would need to support it.

    The alternative, as I said before, is to use a tunnel. Other than for experimentation there's not a lot of reasons to do that (unless you need to connect to a v6 only website). Of course we'll all have to do it some time, but I don't think that time has yet arrived.
  5. well thanx for all the replies. il keep looking for more posts
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