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Intel ICH9R SATA RAID Drivers don't work on Win7!! Help!

Hi guys,

Im trying to install Intel ICH9R SATA RAID Drivers on Windows 7 and when I do I get an error, when I attempt to install it manually I get BSOD, they are the correct drivers! I have GA-P35-DS3R Motherboard.. I know a lot of Motherboards are using the same ICH9R chip these days, so I was wondering how people got this installed??

If someone can help out, would appreciated it! if the ICH9R Sata drivers worked on yours please send them to me!

Screen of error

Thanks for your time!
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    You're trying to install RAID drivers from within the OS?? Bad idea, as you have found. You should set that up prior to installing the operating system.

    (1) If you haven't installed anything critical to that partition, then wipe the existing install clean and follow the instructions below. All you've lost at this point is time/effort.

    (2) If you *have* installed critical items to that partition, and/or if you have upgraded an existing installation to 7 and at the same time failed to do a full backup/image prior to doing so??? Then go to the bathroom, look directly at the image you see in the mirror, and slap yourself. Then acknowledge you made a mistake and promise yourself you won't do that again.

    (2a) Consider not bothering with RAID. If this is acceptable, then the problem is solved.

    (2b) Image your existing installation to a safe place. - A product called Acronis is outstanding for doing this. Then wipe the existing install and see the below:

    First get into your bios. Usually by pressing F1, F2 or DEL keys during boot.

    Then find an option for your hard drives to enable Raid. Enable it.

    Next boot your Windows Vista DVD.

    Choose a language from the list provided.

    Click the Install now button and enter your product key.

    Choose the correct version of Vista that you are licensed for from the list and click to accept to the license agreement.

    Now, on the “Which type of installation to you want to do” screen, choose custom install.

    If Windows automatically detects your Raid controller you are good to go.

    If your RAID controller is not detected you will need to go to you motherboard manufacturers website and download the driver to a usb thumb drive.

    Start the Vista setup by clicking the “Load Driver” button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

    With your Raid controller recognized, click advanced drive options and choose your Raid configuration you would like.

    Continue with the installation. Once done, you may then reach out and grab your data from the backup.
  2. I'm using the same motherboard, with three 500GB drives in RAID 0 (need to change that, one of the drives keeps reporting some random error even though it seems to work just fine), and Windows 7 x64 automatically detected my RAID and installed without issues. Grabbed the latest chipset and Intel Matrix utility from Intel's website, and all is well.
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