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Win8/win7 problem


I have win 7 on 1tb drive and now i have win8 on my other 2tb drive. when i installed win8 on my 2tb drive it wrote its bootmbr on my first drive....and now when i start my comp i get the win8 boot menu. Is there a way to get rid of it without erasing the 1tb drive. i dont care about the 2tb. next time when i install win8 i will dissconnect my first drive so it doesnt write over my win7 bootmbr....

thks in adv.
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    Hello icyblu3;

    For a fast and easy fix you could just leave the Win8 bootloader and change the boot order to make Win7 the default choice.
    On the boot menu click on the button at the bottom that says "Change Defaults or Choose Other Options", and hit "Choose the Default Operating System". From there, you can pick Windows 7 from the menu and your computer will boot into Windows 7 by default.
  2. To go back to the Win7 bootloader (you'll still have the Win8 choice) use the F12 key to choose the 1TB drive as the boot device.
    As it's booting use the F8 key to get the Advanced Boot Options and use the Repair Your Computer option. It will take care of putting back the Win7 style bootloader.
  3. I guess I should also add, that if you haven't do so already, that you should create a System Repair Disc first.
    While booted up in Win7, the Start Menu search bar at the bottom, type in repair
    and choose the Create a System Repair Disc from the Programs section.
  4. thks WR2
  5. should i follow this thread if i want to get rid of win 8 completely?? if i follow that thread will anything happen to my 1tb. the other question is that what if i just made an image of the win7 OS only and then i wipe my 2tb and restore it on there will that also copy the win8 bootmbr or will it create a new win7 bootmbr??

    thks in adv
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