Mythbusters Cannonball......Check it out!!!!!!!!

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  1. If it hit my house, I will definitely wake up and the cannon ball will stay in the house. My house is doubled brick.

    Luckily no one was killed. So, is there a way to see the projectile's path on google earth?
  2. Sounds like its time the bomb range either invest in some walls or some really big dirt piles. Im rather impressed by the range they managed to get out of it, according to one of the cnn articles on it they say it hit the hill, bounced up, flew another 700 yards then hit the ground again and kept going, so that thing must have covered over half a mile by the time its whole trip was done.
  3. So that is about 800m in one direction, not including the distance it travel back and forth, up and down when bouncing?
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