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Windows 7 versions question

I've got a question about the versions: I'm going back and forth between 7 Pro and 7 Ultimate. I've read Paul Thurrott's comparison. It seems to me that the only real difference between the two is that ultimate has the BitLocker capability and the multiple language UI. Is there any differences from a home network standpoint? Is there some benefit to getting ultimate that makes it worth more than $100 more than pro?
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    Ultimate also has the ability to boot from VHD drives used with Virtual PC.

    If you don't need those capabilities then there's not a whole lot of point in spending the extra money, IMHO.
  2. Bit locker and additional languages are the differences, it would be wise to buy pro if you dont need these additional items-
    there is approx $ 20 premium over the pro.
  3. Thanks! I'm pretty sure I won't need/want to boot from a virtual drive. Now to decide whether I want/need BitLocker. Can't I get the same function from separate software? Is there any benefit to Windows version versus a third party version?
  4. I think Bitlocker is pretty secure, but I don't use encryption so I'm not in a good position to judge.

    Anyone else?
  5. Ultimate and Business also have Virtual PC and XP Mode.

    Bitlocker is a pretty good encryption program.

    Ultimate also automates backups.
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