Mouse jumps around when I press RMB in games... HELP ME!!!!

Guys this is driving me INSANE and I NEED your help because I've run out of options. The problem is as follows:
In a game (So far, Black ops, Css, Metro2033) I have weird issues with my right mouse button. In Metro2033, whenever I move my mouse and press RMB at the same time, the mouse jumps to a random place making the game UNPLAYABLE, same happened in CSS until I disabled "Raw input", and in black ops, if I don't move the mouse and press RMB (To aim down the sight) it doesn't aim down the sight, but if I do it while moving the mouse, it aims fine.... Guys this is so frustrating, I've reinstalled the mouse drivers (uninstalled and restarted) and I still have the problem. Btw I know it's not a hardware problem (my mouse is a Logitech Mx620 wireless) because I hooked up a MS wired laser mouse and had the same problem..... Arghhh help me pleaseeeee :fou:

I'm going to boot up in safe mode now and I'll post my findings, wish me luck
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  1. You're on the right path so, Good luck!
  2. Safe mode didn't let me boot any games... Guess I should have thought of that lol... Gahhhh this is so frustrating. I've installed the Logitech Setpoint drivers for my mouse, nothings changed!!!
  3. Since both times I used a laser mouse, I thought possibly it could be the surface... Tried using a piece of paper, no luck guys :(. I'd like to hear any ideas at all, willing to try anything at this point
  4. Fresh install of (older) graphics card drivers, got my hopes up, let down
  5. I have the same problem. It's only in games tho. The screen jumps to random places when I hit the RMB making games un-playable. assassins creed, witcher 2, even halo I can't use the RMB. Even the RMB on my touch pad does it. WTF? over.
  6. Reinstalling was the only thing that would fix it for me.
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