Can I upgrade my graphics card for s5380d hp slimline

For my HP Pavilion Slimline model S5380D, can I upgrade my graphics card?
The product number is 1AY714AAAB4
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    the power supply can provide only 220 W it seems. Also i do not know much about the case. it depends on how much spacing there is in the case for the graphics card.
    Though you can put in a new card in that computer, You might have to change the power supply to something better. Companies sometimes provides supplies of bad quality.
    did you have any particular card in mind though?

    to summarise
    you can upgrade provided
    a) space is there in the case for new card
    b) upgrade to a card that the psu can support
    c) upgrade the psu along with the card.(probably the option i would go for)

    Also a very important thing to know. you hp warrenty will be void if you open the case yourself and do the upgrading.
  2. Hi Andrew,
    Thank you for your reply. I was thinking of upgrading to a MSI N450GTS 1GB Cyclone.

    You are right about inadequate power supply. I just checked the power requirements and the current PSU is clearly insufficient.

    The 2 options I have now is :
    1. Change it to a normal tower casing and upgrade the power supply. This will of course void my HP warranty.
    2. Source for a gaming card that meets current power supply.

  3. Would anyone know what would be a good replacement / upgrade to my Radeon HD4350 PCI-E low profile video card?
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  5. what is going to be your budget and use? is it for gaming or for movies and so on
  6. andrewcutter said:
    what is going to be your budget and use? is it for gaming or for movies and so on

    It's for gaming, I have a budget of about USD150
  7. hmm what games do you play?
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