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I am looking for new speakers for under $100. I am into games some, but not a lot. I am mostly looking for good speakers for music. I don't understand why I find the Altec Lansing 30-watt two-piece speaker system (the black flat kind) for 80 bucks, and at the same place there is a 30-watt four-piece speaker system from Cyber Acoustics for $50. Is there more to it than # of speakers and watts? Please help me find the best speakers under $100, preferably more like under $60 or $70. Thanks.
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  1. Search for Creative Labs Cambridge Soundworks Digital. Best 3 piece set on the market IMO. You can find 'em anywhere from $50 - $70.

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  2. theyre that expensive because they are flat... more advanced technology... more expensive... cambridge sounds make decent speakers... a 3 piece set is your best bet in that price range... being a gamer base is very pleasant...

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  3. Midiland Mli 490 for a 4.1 setup or the Atp-3 for 2.1 setup.

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