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I have an ASUS p6t Deluxe V2 with Windows 7 64bit. The system randomly freezes and kills USB power. Any ideas?
Thanks Andy
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  1. Could be any number of things. Please post the list of your system components, with the makes and model numbers, and the trouble-shooting procedures you've already done, and the results.
  2. Sorry for the vague request. I was frustrated.

    Asus P6T Deluxe V2
    Intel i7 975
    Antec 1200 case
    PNY Nvidia GTX 295
    OCZ 60 GB SSD
    4X Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 in RAID 5
    LG BlueRay
    Lite-On DL-DVDR
    Windows 7 64Bit

    You will notice RAM is not listed.....

    I would leave the system come back and the the USB would be dead until I powered down and back up, sometimes overnight sometimes it would take two nights. I had it happen once while I was at the keyboard. All I was doing was running 7Zip. Other times, I ripped full DVD moves to HD with no problems. Hitting the reset button did not restore the USB power I had to power completely off and back on. I was seeing DVD-ROM mount errors in the system logs so I upgraded all firmware and still had the same issue.

    On one reboot, I notice that my RAM had dropped form 6GB to 4GB which is the point I realized that my memory was junk and had to go. I'll updated tonight after I install the new memory. I feel like such an ass because I had the same problem the last time I built a system.

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