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I've recently purchased a Logitech Dual Action gamepad. The wierd thing about it is that the D-pad works with some games, but doesn't with others. For eg. the D-pad can be used in NFS Underground and Pro Evolution Soccer 3, but no matter how I tinker with the configuration utility and setting options, the D-pad just doesn't work with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 and FIFA 2004. I therefore have to use the analog stick for these games, something I'm not particularly fond of. I haven't found a way yet to switch modes between analog and D-pad control on this gamepad (I don't know if that is possible on this gamepad).

Any suggestions?

Thanks 4 your help
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  1. If you can't program the functions directly you can assign the gamepad buttons (with every gamepad I have seen) to keyboard keys then you have the game use those keys for the functions. Now each time you press a button on the gamepad the utility sends the keyboard key code instead. It fools the game.

    It's a workaround but you can even use that method on really old games that normally only expect a keyboard. Makes gamepads very flexible.

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  2. Hey,
    You might want to check out www.wingmanteam.com, I was pretty frustrated when some games didn't allow me to play with the d-pad because it seemed as if the left analog joystick was the primary controlling device. But goto the website, and look around, they have a "beta" update to the 4.30 drivers (which you might want to grab from logitech if you havent yet), but it's a separate proggie that allows you to switch the left joystick with the d-pad, or switch the two analog joysticks, and some other stuff I didn't see any use for(for me).

    Even better, here, have the website (I found it in my history!). I hope this helps you out. Enjoy!


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