USB 3.0 ports not recognized by windows 8

Recently updated to Windows 8 OS from Windows 7. Lost the USB 3.o ports after the update. I'm using an ASUS P8P67 pro motherboard. I updated the BIOS to level 3207, but it didn't help. I noticed that a later board P8P67-M has a later BIOS revision 3608, but I am reluctant to use it as ASUS has not indicated that this release is for my motherboard.

By the way, my USB 3.0 device (Seagate external drive) gets power when plugged into the USB port, but the OS doesn't recognize it. Worked perfectly under Windows 7
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    You need the new driver for win8, go to the company website to download the new one , if your USB3.0 is Renesas
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