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I'm having an issue trying to get a video card working with my Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate installation. I had a Nvidia 7900GTX originally and I couldn't get it to work (kept giving me code 43), so I bought a new Nvidia 210 video card..and the same code keeps occurring. Here's what I've done:

-Tried both PCI slots on the motherboard
-Tried letting Windows Update find and install drivers automatically
-Stopped Windows from automatically installing drivers and installed newest drivers from
-Let Windows Update install drivers then updated drivers from
-Completely removed all video drivers with Windows and Driver Sweeper and then re-installed drivers

I'm at a complete lost. I am POSITIVE this is NOT a hardware issue. It has to be a driver issue...somehow I can't get the right configuration.

Here's my specs:
Abit AN8 Fatality SLI Motherboard
AMD 400+ CPU
Nvidia 210 Video Card (also tried Nvidia 7900GTX card)
320GB Sata HDD
Antec 500w PSU

I'm thinking about switching to Windows XP and screwing Windows 7. Funny thing is, I've never had this issue with my other desktop and my HD 4850.
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  1. Yes your right that error code relates to the driver reporting some sort of error to windows about the hardware

    1. The extra Pci-e power connector is plugged in.
    2. See if the problem is related to an IRQ problem.

    I am thinking your problem comes down to the second thing for you to check.
    If it is a case of to many devices running on the same assigned IRQ number it is likely the cause of the driver reporting a hardware error, as it cannot comunicate from card to Cpu.

    Have a look in device manager and see what IRQ the cards are running on, Then check how many other devices are using the same IRQ number.

    If you find it to be the case, then do a quick hop into your bios and turn off things like serial ports and Lpt ports you dont use to free up a few IRQ`s.

    Good luck!.
  2. I'll check the IRQ's. Can I check them in device manager real simple, i've never seen them there before..
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