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Anyone ever use a cleaner disk in a iMac G-5 all in one. Best buy people questioned the wisdom of doing so because of the nature of the beast, advised not to do it.

So what is the concensus? GO - NO GO ?

Or do a Jimi Hendrix on it [ put in Purple Haze, max volume, cover generously with lighter fluid & burn baby burn!!!!]
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  1. are you having problems reading discs?

    if so you might as well try it

    have done it in a windows pc plenty of times so dont see why a mac should be any different

    and if best buy is the american equivalent to pc world in the uk most of their staff are clueless--they

    just sell the stuff but have no actual computer knowledge
  2. Mac, Here's the scoop. iMac G-5 PPC allin one[purchased11-05]Tiger OS X 10.4.11. Noticed some issues with super drive not reading disks made on my pc a while back. Didn't use drive much in the whole time. Started doing some research on Apple help [ 70+ pages of very disenchanted Mac'ers with some very interesting remedies. Primary issue seemed to be the optical pick up being dirty for my issue- plays music CD but ejects blank CD's, DVD's, recorded DVD's & system disk. The sanest idea came from a name I recognized as being very knowledgable on other issues. Try using a cleaning disk. Granted, the Best buy life forms are questionable but so were the Genius barrista's. Their concern was the 'grab feature' & other internals being damaged or hanging up because of the bristles.

    With this type of drive is this a valid concern?

    Another idea was to blast it with air, noting the location of the opt pu generally but not exact enough to go for it. [in about an inch- but WHERE- top, bottom, middle ?]

    So there you have it, the machine still works well, is compact & portable for what it is.

    Any help appreciated.
  3. Tried cleaning Disk. No luck.
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