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Icon positions

How can you save and restore icon positions on the desktop
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  1. what happened, did you delete them.?
  2. Windows saves your icon positions when you log out. This is a per user setting.
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    It is supposed to save your icon settings but doesn't do a good job. I've never had this problems with a single monitor but since windows XP windows always moves the icons on the second monitor. And no it nott like auto arange. I does thing like grab one icon and putt in in the cener of the screen. Or i have 3 colums of icons and he middle row always moves down one space each reboot until the entire colum is empty. it's totay bizzare does not follow any organization pattern. Somtime i turn it on and itls like someone shook my monito and all the icons swictthed places. This is a reall issue That i have been searching for since i started dual monitor with windows xp. An FYI I'm a 5 year computer tech vetern with multiple certifications. And for those who are about to say reformate your computer here this. This is the 7th computer I've used thatt this happens to. My freind is in the same boat. Doesn't matter how many time we reformate our boxes this issue starts up again as soon as we pu icons on the second monitor.
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