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I have two computers next to each other and I'm using an IOGEAR KVM so I can use one mouse, keyboard, and monitor on both. I have one DSL modem and any time I want DSL to one of the computer, I just plug the Cat-5 cable wire from the DSL modem to the ethernet card of the respective computer. If I want DSL to the other, then I unplug the Cat-5 cable from one and plug into the other. My question: Is there a cheap splitter (like one of those TV splitter) I can buy to plug into the one DSL modem so I can have two Cat-5 wires coming out of the DSL modem and plugging each wire into the ethernet cards of both computers. I don't want to buy a DSL router since my computers are next to each other and I get tired of unplugging and pluging from one to the other. Of course, both my computers won't be on with DSL ready at the same time. I don't mind since I don't use them simultaneously anyway. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Is there such a thing or even possible???
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  1. yes - it's called a hub.

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  2. I was thinking of one of those small little thingie that turns your socket into two or more sockets...like those thing you buy when you want to to connect two phones to the same socket. I want something similiar. A hub can't be that small can it? I'm thinking of something under $5. I hope you understand what I mean.
  3. just get the <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?submit=manufactory&catalog=30&manufactory=1605&DEPA=5&sortby=14&order=1" target="_new">GigaFast 5- Port Ethernet Switch EZ500-S</A> from newegg - $29 with shipping. It's really small and works great. Click on the "see it" to get an idea of the size.

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  4. I have the linksys 5 port switch with WAN port. Perfect fot what you want to do. It is about the size of the palm of your hand.
    <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?submit=manufactory&catalog=30&manufactory=1413&DEPA=5&sortby=14&order=1" target="_new">http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?submit=manufactory&catalog=30&manufactory=1413&DEPA=5&sortby=14&order=1</A>

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  5. Thanks for your input and the link. I will research this linksys 5 port switch thingie.
  6. using a hub/switch for a splitter doesn't work, I tried it. A hub/switch doesn't merely break up the connection into multiple connections, it goes through lots of other stuff first. If you want to just split the cable between the two comps the best thing to do would probably just be splicing cables together into a makeshift thing. There are actual ethernet splitters but they are used for network analasis purposes and cost whole lot. Simply splicing 3 pieces of cable together and putting connectors on the 3 ends should be enough. Whether the modem will let you do that or not is questionable but give it a try anyway.
  7. all I have to say to that is: WTF?

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  8. you smoking crack? obviously you havent tried that because it doesnt work.

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  9. Perhaps he was trying to think of a cost effective solution??? :smile:

    A hub or a switch would work nicely. One added bonus would be that they would both allow net sharing (if you wanted to in the future). Switches are a lot cheaper these days. I'd look for one.

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  10. its not cost effective if it doesnt work : )

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