South park, family guy, simpsons

which would u say is better. please explain. for me its sout hpark, family guy, simpsons
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  1. I am a huge Simpsons fan, i'm watching an episode from season 7 right now. They were awesome from season 1-10, 11 is kinda boring, 12 has a few good episodes and the rest is pretty much crap. At least it's better than family guy. It's all crap. South park is very fun, if i didn't grow up with the simpsons it may even be my favourite. So, simpsons > south park > family guy
  2. Simpsons seasons 4-10 is timeless laughs.
    I happen to think futurama trumps them all.
    South park is great no matter which season.
    Family guy is hit and miss. Sometimes good sometimes terrible.
  3. I like Family guy.
  4. family guy itself sucks. what makes it funny is the random nonsence interchangeable jokes. like i mean... o that reminds me of the time that...flash to cutscene. thats family guy. i like the show, but the main plots are never good or funny. south park is ok, simpsons is a bit before my time because i dont like its current stuff cannot comment on first few seasons
  5. I think it really depends on preference. I enjoy all three shows but my favorite would have to be The Simpsons, then Family Guy, and then South Park. (Notice how the order goes from less vulgar/violent to more vulgar/violent haha)
  6. I am a huge fan of the simpsons and family guy. But for the simpsons, it's get's pretty boring... the whole story line. not much to it. but family guy's sense of humor is very refreshing. but in order to get the humor, you have to think hard at times or look back at what's contradicting the humor. either way, they're both good. just depends on if you like simple vs. witty humor.
  7. All three shows are very excellent, it just differs on your preference. South Park is probably the grimmiest and most controversial of all, but has a message to their shows. My personal favorite would have to be South Park. I just love their up-to-date in your face humor. Family guy has also been getting on par with South Park, but their random tangents gets very annoying. Simpsons is a very safe and always good show. You will never go wrong with the Simpsons.
  8. Hands down. South Park is the best. It is based on issues that we currently have and put it the most grimmiest humor ever.
  9. I grew up with the Simpsons
  10. I am a big fan of all of these shows. However, I am a bigger fan of South Park just because their episodes somehow relates to a " oh shoot, I know!" moment." They do a good job of correlating to what we have been thinking.
  11. I think overall Southpark is my favorite tv show out of the pick because it's hilarious and to me it never gets old.
  12. Family Guy is much better and funniest show rather then other.When i'm free from my work then i like to watch it.It's also my nephew favorite cartoons .:)
  13. eminemvanillaice said:
    which would u say is better. please explain. for me its sout hpark, family guy, simpsons

    Hmm, It would have to be family guy yes at times it may be random but it has humor its the kind of humor that will make you laugh every minute but south park is funny too but they keep cursing more then their humor and its not as intresting just some group of boys walking cursing calling the fat boy fat their mad blah balh blah. :sarcastic: then then they make up and they do something bad in the begging and are hero's or good in the end its a show that is obvious and boring at times. Simpsons are just like any other show bad happens then good. hence, Family guy i choose each character is funny in their own way. hope u LIKE my advice..... Therefore, one again, Family guy gives refreshing rumor and of course,is the best if that is a show of what you are looking for....... :kaola:
  14. The Simpsons.... all the way. Every time I watch the Simpsons I love it. I mean, Homer and Bart are the best characters ever... no doubt about it.
    Then, I'll have to say South Park. I don't watch it that much 'cuz I keep forgetting what its on TV, but when I do it is funny as hell.
    Family Guy, I mean.... Peter Griffin has got to be the most unbearable character on earth. It's just stupid.... I can never laugh when he's saying/doing something..
  15. none of them are funny anymore they have strayed from there roots to much in my opinion. but family guy still has the moronic "hey remember that time i...." yeah thats all that show is south park is well, i have not watched that show in ages so i would'nt know and simpsons is just full of guest characters and unfunny plotlines. i hope that the simpsons looks back at season 1-14 roughly and start to use the kind of homour that was used back then. god the show was good for the first 14 years now it's just well crap.
  16. Can we include Futurama in the Rankings?

    Though its also created by Simpsons creator Matt Groening, it has a different humor than Simpsons and IN MY OPINION better characters - Zoidberg and Bender Bending Rodriguez.

    Family Guy has its moments.

    Simpsons older episodes are great the newer once - not so much.

    South Park is ok.
  17. South park all the way. I think my favorite episode is the one they made about Steve Irwin. "Right, I'ma stick my thumb in his butthole now, get him real pissed off!"

    Infact I'm a massive COD freak, I'm actually ranked 18 in the world for all time demoltion on Black Ops 1. Sometimes I like to play free for all and run around with a camera spike out stabbing people while saying, "Crikey, this one looks real pissed off. I'ma go ahead and stick my knife in his butthole."
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