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hi. i am unable to update my windows since 1 month due to my network administrator. he has blocked windows update.... i need to update my windows on regular basis in order to receive security n other updates.....
how can i unblock the blocked pages n sites? please help me. :( i have a picture of error message, how do i upload it here?
by the way, the error message says windows update error 8024402F
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  1. Your network administrator should be running a WSUS or SCCM server updating a Windows based network after testing to ensure the updates don't cause issues. I think with the stupidity you're presenting, you should push the issue, and when you get fired, I hope you realize he was hired to do the job... NOT YOU!
  2. what the heck r u talking about??? i did not get u.....................
  3. Since you don't have administrative privileges on the aforementioned PC, sounds like it's not your's anyways. So why would you bother?

    If however you're a kid and it's your parents/guardians who've done it, I really shouldn't be helping you. Sorry.

    By the way, to upload pix, go to "" and upload the saved screenshot by browsing through the folders on your PC. (You should know where you've stored it).

    Then copy/paste the 'forum & message board' url which will be in the format
  4. i have uploaded it in tinypic.
  5. Check these two links out if you will-

    Link 1

    Link 2

    But really you should let this go. There's a reason you don't have administrative privileges. Somebody doesn't think it's your job to update Windows. Let him/her/them take care of it.
  6. these simple things i can also do!! so whats so special abt it??
    to make u clear m 22 yrs of age. n sorry that did not helped at all!!
    i was here for soln for my problems not for my age validity n all the rubbish comments frm first commentor n urs unhealthy support as well.....
  7. Wow, thanks rish. So much for being humble when begging for help, huh! You can't even upload a pic and then say in incomprehensible English "these simple things i can also do!!".

    So do so yourself, rish. And please, let us know which forum helped you out. You do know how to put in links, right?

    Today, because of me, you know how to upload pix on forums and all you can come up with is "all the rubbish comments n unhealthy support". It wasn't so much unhealthy, as it was dumb of me to help you in the first place. I've learnt my lesson now. Not gonna help another ungrateful mofo anytime soon.
  8. heyy calguyhunk,, sorry man!! actually it was all my mistake... i agree now... u ve always tried n helped me bt i was crazy abt my sys admin so i took out smth on u sorry for tht. u guys are always there to help us n we give such a bad comment :(( bt trust me.. it wont happen to u n anyone else frm mah side.............SORRY :)
  9. n yes my english is incomprehensive......... m trying to improve it..... so what can i do.... bt ur englis is great. :)
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