Does Car Spawning screw your save games?

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Just to be sure?

I want to spawn the Phoenix, Hotknife and Hunter.

Too lazy to go for gold!

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    If it's with a cheat code, then you will get the warning every time you
    save your game. This is partly to warn you that you might experience
    glitches, such as all cars being white forever, and partly to tell
    anyone using the game save that it was achieved using cheat codes.

    In my experience, the only car spawning that crashes the game is with
    the garage edit mod for the PC version. This sometimes crashes the game
    when you go to the garage after spawning a car in it.

    If you just want to have a go in the cars, spawn them and don't save.
    If you want to put one in a garage, why bother? You'll just have to
    spawn a replacement when you roll it, so why not spawn one when you
    need one?

    Phil Hibbs.
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    I used the PC Car Spawner and it doesn't glitch anything so far (I am
    at the "Grove 4 Life" mission now). I saved after spawning but haven't
    saved any spawned cars in my garage. Never tried cheat code spawning or
    the garage mod though.
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    The TSR resident spawner is cool. Just input the number and *poof* -
    the car you want appears.

    I really like the Phoenix, great looking car, handles great, top

    I'm guessing the way it works will not screw up savegames as it does
    not mess with hex codes or anything like that.

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