Questions before Buying: Notebook 32-bit to 64-bit


I was just about to buy the Windows 7 upgrade version with the student bundle, when it asked me if I want 32 bit or 64 bit. I thought it would send both, but, sadly, it won't. I do want 64-bit, since Asus decided to pack 4 gigs of ram into my laptop even though they sent it with a 32 bit OS...

So here's my questions:

1. Can I use the 64-bit Windows 7 Home Upgrade Disk to perform a clean install of 64-bit Win7 Home on my notebook that came with 32-bit Windows Vista Home Premium?

I am new to the whole upgrade thing... I am used to buying complete OS's. The price is what caught me here. So, I searched around and found that I can't upgrade directly and keep all my files. That is not a problem, I'll back them up... But can I make the clean install to 64-bit? Do I need to use my product key from Vista or what, and will it work to upgrade to 7 in another bit version?

~~ Just found the answer from a thread that got bumped right after I posted this... Sorry for the duplicate thread~~

2. Can my notebook even support Windows 7? It is an Asus N81Vg:
CPU: Intel Duo P8600
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT120M

I'm unsure if the drivers will work and everything, although I do think they should as it's a newer model...
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  1. Everything should be detected on that Asus N81Vg. You may need to run out and get manufacturer provided drivers for a couple devices (namely video) to ensure you achieve proper performance levels and have access to all of the features the chip supports.
  2. Sturmdolch, download the Windows Upgrade Advisor.

    It will tell you if your system is up to snuff for Win7.
  3. TheViper said:
    Sturmdolch, download the Windows Upgrade Advisor.

    It will tell you if your system is up to snuff for Win7.

    Thank-you very much. Apparently my system will run it well. w00t
  4. Alright, one more question that's bugging me now... I just found out that I can upgrade Vista 32-bit Home Premium to Win7 Professional 64-bit by doing a clean install? The CD-key and everything will work?
    Because they are the same price for students...
  5. You will need to do a clean install, not an upgrade and the key should be fine.
  6. Thank-you again, Viper.
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