Raid set up for windows 7 x64

hi,I amtryuing to reinstall windows 7 pro x64 on my desktop, but I have a raid 0 array setup. I had it installed on these before I had virus problems, now when I go to install it I cant seem to see the hdd's when in raid in bios, only when in ahci mode....please help
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  1. During the win7 installation you need to select the option to install third party drivers from the cd that came with the motherboard of the computer.

    Not sure but before windows gets to the install of the OS press the F5 key and look for the raid driver on the cd and load it in.
  2. i trying to install a raid 0 array on win 7 64 bit.I set it up in bios them install os when asked to losd drivers i use the disk that came with MOBO them it shows the hdds but wont let me put the OS on it please help!
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