Why C:\Windows\inf\ie.inf not exist in win7


I just search ie.inf in C driver, but I can't find it anyway.

Does any one have idea about this?

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  1. Why are you expecting to find an ie.inf file? What do you want to do with it?
  2. ie.inf is Setup script , this file MIME Application
  3. It used to be a setup script for IE6, but I thought it had disappeared a long time ago. Certainly doesn't exist on my 64-bit Windows 7 setup.
  4. because they stopped either using it or calling it that after IE6 . windows 7 comes with version 8
  5. I know. That's why I wonder why the OP is looking for it on a Windows 7 system. What does he want it for?
  6. that question only he can answer. lol I said that because I am not sure he is aware of that.. wasn't directed towards you ( sorry if you thought that )
  7. in win7 called ieunit.inf not ie.inf u can look in windows/wow/..
    if u *.inf hidden u can show in tool/view/option
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