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good day to you all, i am having some serious problems with my pc, my Gigabyte 8800 GTX Ultra blew out on Thursday resulting in a pc crash and loss of alot of info, bought the GT 430 yesterday and all was well with my HDrives, i have a SATA as my Windows drive (80gb) and an IDE as my backup (160bg) and then a 500gb in a Transcend USB casing...

my original Windows installation became corrupt, so I installed another on my IDE drive, this was all fine yesterday at the PC shop where I bought my graphics card. I copied all the info I needed off my original Windows drive (SATA) and also all my music etc off my IDE all to my 500gb.

as i was loaded on my IDE windows, I formatted the SATA drive so that I can install my New Windows 7 on to that drive. I did this.

I loaded up Windows via dvd and formatted the IDE drive as i took all the info i needed off that and i did not want Windows on that drive.
all fine, so I try and install Win 7 on the SATA drive and during installation, gives me an error!

I now cannot even load up my Win 7 installation disc as it gives me the BOOTMGR error, press ctrl+alt+delete to restart!

i have tried changing boot orders, disabling, enabling my IDE or SATA drives, setting them to primary and slave etc etc..

I have been researching all morning on how to fix it, yet, to no avail, if anyone knows how to fix the problem, I would be grateful..

please dont say Run Win repair etc... i cannot even load up Windows installation or Win via my HDrives


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  1. Leave the HDD that will have windows on it, remove any other HDD.
    Make sure the boot order is set for CD first.
    Make a bootable CD with a disk utility that allows a low-level formatting, like killdisk or something similar.
    Boot from that CD and do a low-level format.
    Re-install windows as usual from dvd.
  2. thanks for the reply, I shall try that, downloading it now... will let you know how I come along..
  3. please help me, nothing is working, I have just bought a brand new HDD and is still gives me Bootmgr error, NTLDR error, I cannot install Win 7 as it starts to copy then at 0% it gives me an error saying windows cannot install required files, the files may be corrupt.....

    error code 0x80070017

    I am about to cry
  4. check your RAM with memtes86+, RAM have error cause file corupt or missing some file , if u have 2 stick Ram use 1 stick clear no have error.
    install again win7 with RAM (No Error)
  5. stop ! let's anymous register
  6. hey? what you talking about? :0
  7. Anonymous not register bro...!
  8. um, I am registered, hence the name...
  9. it's u, sorry...
    check your RAM with memtes86+, RAM have error cause file corupt or missing some file , if u have 2 stick Ram use 1 stick clear no have error.
    install again win7 with RAM (No Error)
  10. i tried this but it got to a stage i had to type in some commands which i have no idea how to....
  11. just download software memtes86+ in u get instruction
  12. As henydiah said, try installing using only one stick of RAM at a time, if error switch to the other stick and try again.
    Also, check media (DVD) for scratches/stains/other stuff that can cause a reading error.
    Finally, try a different DVD-Rom in your system to boot from - and make sure that is the only DVD rom or CD Rom installed while attempting to install OS.
  13. Last but not least, try copying the DVD content to a USB drive and boot > install from that instead of the DVD. Some people reported success in same scenarios.
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