Will this case/PSU power my athlon??

I bought a black and silver ATX Case at a computer show. The brand of the case marked on the box is "Turbocase" and the PSU is marked "turbolink". Its a 320 watt power supply. It says its P4 approved but doesnt say AMD approved. Any input on whether or not this will work with my 1.33ghz athlon?

Pentium WHAT? It's not contagious is it?
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  1. As long as your PSU get more than 300 watt it should be fine.
  2. You can also check the list of approved power supplies on AMD's web site.

    Please visit <b><A HREF="http://www.ncix.com/canada/index.cfm?affiliateid=319048" target="_new">http://www.ncix.com/canada/index.cfm?affiliateid=319048</A></b>
  3. unless you have 6 hard drives a cd burner and a dvd drive you should be fine with that...

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
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