Ok I have a window7 e-machine about a year old and I think I deleted my cd dvd driver or something because can't play either and can't burn a cd
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    what were u doing that u deleted your driver?
    and if you did, Windows should have auto installed a basic driver to make it work

    does the drive show up in My Computer?
    if you have a desktop, make sure that all the cables are plugged into it (there should be two)
  2. check cable & Socket plug & Power
    Check DVD drive in device manager : disabled / enabled
    If Pc was detected dvd drive but cannot play your DVD DRIVE Damage
  3. Thank you, when I went in it was there and it's playing a CD now. Hey thanks I'm not good at the computer and truthfully it would have cost me over a hundred to do for my family what you did so thanks cause now I can give my daughter a Christmas. Bless you both for taking your time.
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