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i bought a new computer running XP. I have a wireless connection to a modem located in another room. The modem is connected to an ADSL line. The signal to the modem is strong; in fact i can connect to the internet from my old computer which is right next to the new one. I have tried many times with my ISP help center to ensure my network connections are proper. Still I can't connect.

My network neighborhood shows three networks. The wireless network that connects my computer to my modem, the network that connects to the ISP, and a local area network. I suspect (since I can find no other problem) that there may be an issue sharing a communications port between the LAN and the ISP connection. Is this possible? I tried to delete the LAN but the computer says that it can't be deleted?

I previously estalished a COM connection between the old and new computers to run the File Transfer Wizard.
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    Hi Tim,

    I dont know if this will help you but I just set up an ISDN using a Router designed for cable rather than dial up and what I ended up needing to do was probably a little different to what your setting up as we only use this router as an Access Point which by passes the routers facilities.

    I was told to disable the LAN and then turn off the Dial up connections Sharing, once that was off go back and enable the LAN so it gets allocated an IP from the router and not the other connection. Of course it sounds like your going to use the routers facilities where as we couldnt due to the ISDN, so this may not be applicable to your setup but possibly switching off the shaing on the internet connection before disabling the LAN and then Enabling it again may help, its a wild poke but it might be the answer if you havent heard or got any thing else to go on as yet. I also found that when we had to do this that we needed to be connected to the internet on the dial ups connection first, otherwise i couldnt get to the routers settings which I find listed under My Network Places.

    Because of our set up being Access point and not full on Router, we also then needed to change the routers LAN and turn off the DHCP, then following that go back and switch the internet sharing back on after the LAN and Router got them selves sorted out.
    I also had to drop my PC Cillin fire wall on the Host down to half way instead of using it at full security. One other problem we had with the other system was Norton Internet Security, it had to be unistalled before we attempted to get these two connected as its a good program and does its job well but often too well when your trying to set up something like this. I was told that reinstalling it after the connection was working would enable it to install around that configuration rather than play havoc with it.
    Obviously your set up is a little different than mine as yours is a network and not just an Access Point, but maybe something that I mentioned may be the key to your problem.

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