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how do i remove right protection from my flash disk?
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  1. I think you meant write protection :)

    Solution 1. First of all try to locate a small switch (if any, that you may not have noticed) at some place on the drive or the memory card. This is the prime reason for this error. If there is one, switch it to the other side to turn the protection off.

    Solution 2. Open Registry Editor by typing regedit in Run-box or regedit.exe in the search-box

    Navigate to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\

    Find a sub key inside it named “StorageDevicePolicies”. If it does not exist there then we need to make it. Right click on “Control” key -> New -> Key. Name it “StorageDevicePolicies” without quotes.

    Now right click on this newly created key and then click New -> DWORD value and name it as “WriteProtect”.

    Modify this key and give it a value 0.

    Click OK, and restart the PC.
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  3. its the switch on the side 90 percent of the time!
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