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Hello Guys!
i ma starting this thread even though there are a few others, just to get a new, fresh thread so it will be a bit more updated.
one request i will make is, make sure that you upload your full details, here is the instructions

1. click start, right-click on computer, and choose properties.
2. under system, click on the Windows Experience Index text next to the number.
3. now you should see a table, well instead of giving those details, click on the printer icon that says: view and print detailed performance and system information.
4. now a new window will pop up, displaying all the info.
5. go to start and type: snipping tool, and use it to snip the wndow, after that save it.
6. upload the photo to any image hosters, such as: picassa, flickr, photobucket...
7. add the link to the image to this thread, and thats it.

i hope i didn't offend anyone with my babbyish instructions, but i just wanted to get the most out of the threads, because many times people post the scores, but it is always nice to know what was the hardware they were using.
anyway, here's mine:
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  1. heloo freak,
  2. hpfreak - you have decent scores for a laptop..
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