Should I upgrade?

I'm currently using two systems. Vista is for gaming and gaming only, Mac is for everything else. For me, the Vista machine is like a console in a PC shell.

My question is, should I spend the money and get Windows 7, as I wouldn't use it for anything else except gaming. Is there any essential speed increase or must-have stuff that Windows 7 supports but Vista doesn't?

I'm not interested in Windows 7's better user experience, faster startup, better looks or anything else. Only the way the games play and what gaming features are supported.
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  1. As your focus is so specific I woould suggest you stick with Vista. Win 7 does not offer much more in terms of gaming.
  2. if your system Stable don't upgrade,
    upgrade need check spec system & Driver
  3. I wouldn't upgrade, although henydiah made a good point to make sure the drivers are up to date

    invest that money into more RAM in your primary computer
  4. Ok, thanks guys. You just saved me a hundred bucks or so.
  5. agreed on saving you a hundred bucks or so, i like win7 and depending if you have a manufactured unit like dell or hp;
    then you have OEM OS options...
    as for gaming purposes, all i can say is win7 is a better OS than vista.
  6. win 7 is a better gamer than vista
  7. I don't think Win7 is any faster for gaming then vista is. I know I saw articles when Vista first came out showing XP was faster for gaming, but that changed some time later. I haven't seen any articles showing which OS is best.

    The only gaming centric difference that Win7 has over Vista is the ability to load more then one graphics driver. Vista will only load one, while XP or Win7 doesn't care. The only reason a gamer would care is if he uses an AMD video card and wants to run an Nvidia card for PhysX. If this isn't you, then you wouldn't care.
  8. I have had both on 3 gaming rigs and win 7 is way smoother running games!
  9. if overall win7 is a better OS than vista then by default shouldn't it be better for gaming too..?
  10. its better for doing stuff... getting around, ect.

    but in terms of raw FPS, i've never seen a benchmark that showed any difference (and a ton were done when Win7 came out)
    the only differences i know of, are some games (mainly EA titles) seem to be more buggy on Vista than WIn7.
    Not sure the cause of this, but its something i've noticed from friends and the forums
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