Can't figure out what is causing my system to crash (Win7-64bit)

The last few days my computer has been acting weird and buggy.
This has happened 3 times, exactly the same each time:

-Randomly the 2 gadgets I have on my desktop (Daemon Tools + Network Meter) will pop up on top of whatever I have open and won't go away.
-The backlights on my Razer Lycosa keyboard will flash on and off, and certain keys will stop working.
-When I try to minimize programs by clicking their icons on the taskbar (like Chrome and the file explorer), new windows will open up instead

Everytime I just reboot the system, and it acts like nothing has happened once I log back on. (Although iTunes oddly asked me to relocate my library)

I think all my major drivers are up to date, and the only trouble I have had with this system before have been with my XFX 5770 graphics card.

Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 (BIOS version F5)
AMD Phenom II x6 1090T
XFX Radeon HD 5770
Corsair 750TX 750W PSU
WD Caviar Black 750GB
Windows 7 64 Home Premium
Antec 902 Case
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  1. uninstall update & driver ATI, it make reboot
    Install again Old Driver your video card CDBundle
  2. Well the computer used to crash when it was on the old ATI catalyst drivers so I think that would just cause more problems.
    Does it sound like this is a problem caused by my graphics card?
  3. This totaly sounds like malware. A graphics card would not cause this. Or hardware for that matter. Try spybot search and destroy, malwarebytes, combofix and an antivirus such as avg or avira. Once that's done give ur registry a scrub with ccleaner and nothing else. Most registry scanners are bogus.
  4. system restore ! change when you get last stable..
  5. Agreed, maybe a virus/malware.. scan. Btw, close your gadgets and check/
  6. I agree, it really seems like malware or something like that.

    But it's getting worse instead of better. The crash happened at least 10 times last night, and I've tried everything.
    Uninstalled and redownloaded keyboard and mouse drivers, installed lastest NEC USB 3.0 drivers, and scanned with Spybot S&D and Trend Micro.

    Spybot found some malware right away (I think it was called but then nothing else but cookies. Spybot "fixed the problem" and edited the registry, but the crash kept occuring. I already use CCleaner regularly and it didn't seem to find anything dangerous in the registry.

    Is it possible that this could be completely caused by my Lycosa? I just bought a Razer DeathAdder mouse a few days ago and maybe the drivers are conflicting. The only reason I think this is a hardware problem is because I did a full system restore back to 11/17 (at least a few days before this started) and within an hour it crashed again.
  7. Then remove the mouse driver, try ..
  8. Well when I did the system restore, it erased the drivers I had installed for the DeathAdder. I think Win7 autoinstalled the driver and then I went on the razer site and got the latest version. Still no luck.
  9. Then did you again remove them after windows ?
    Cleaned the registry ?
  10. I thought the new driver installer I got online wiped the old versions, I'll check it manually.
    What's weird is that when the crash starts, all of the keys on my lycosa start acting differently. Like if I press the "L" key, it acts like I pressed "WinKey + L" and logs me out. A lot of the keys automatically think they are hotkeys.
    Also it usually inputs the letter G anywhere it can.
    And the mouse acts weird too, like the scroll wheel with scroll the page from left to right instead of up and down like it should.
  11. And both are Razer :D Yeah double check, remove all these 2 related drivers, and get the newest..
  12. Okay. Would going into CCleaner and uninstalling everything from Razer be enough? Or do I have to go deeper than that to completely remove drivers?
  13. Uninstall from control panel, then cc cleaner [registry] then delete folders of razer in prog files, if remaining..
  14. You could aslo get "your uninstaller" will do all this for you, its got a trial version version, try it-
  15. Alright thanks. I won't be able to get back onto my main computer till later tonight, I'll post what happens.
  16. Np= Good luck-
  17. Instead or horking around with your mouse let's test to see if it is indeed your mouse. Simply remove the mosue from the system and use a cheap ps2 mouse or usb if u don't have ps2. Also system restore does not remove viruses. Modern viruses add themselves into system restore and when u restore they run and make thing worse. I still recomend running combo fix if it id a virus that will most likey get it its better that trend spybot and malwarebytes combined. U can find it at
  18. Alright I'm back on my main rig, I started it up with the Razer mouse and KB both still plugged in, and the keyboard didn't start in time for me to get into the BIOS (I wanted to see if the USB ports were all functioning). I couldn't even type my win-login password so I rebooted.

    I took out the Lycosa and replaced it with an old school Dell KB, and my system is running flawlessly now. I think it has lasted longer than this before crashing in the past so it's possible there could still be some bugs, but it's looking pretty good right now.

    If all of that was cause by a freaking keyboard, that thing is possessed.
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    I've seen keyboard do weird stuff. Usualy caused by a pinched cable or stepping on a crack in the side walk. :)
  20. lol--
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