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I can't get past the wizard. I have 2 Dell computers on a microsoft wireless-B MN-500 network using DSL. I want to be able to print from my pc (base station) to a printer set up on the other computer in the network. When I try to set it up using the wizard I get to the part where it's supposed to configure the computer but I get this error msg:
Spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close. At that point I get another message stating a network cable is unplugged (referring to the network bridge) and seems to change to a dial up mode at that point because when I try to open an Explorer window it wants me to log in. I'm not to good at this. Can someone help?
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    I have the same problem on 2 gateway computers and can't get past the error message.
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    My wireless laptop can't find the printer... either
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