Grub Error 17, WIndows 7

i had installed ubuntu 9.04 on a sony vaio which had windows 7 already installed. it was successful, but when tying to log on to windows, it went to vaio rescue centre, therein i opted for safe exit and restart; which led to the problem
Grub loading 1.5...
Error 17

How can it be fixed
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  1. - When the machine reboots you’ll see the GRUB loader where you can boot to Ubuntu or Windows 7.
    - when you first boot into Windows 7, Check Disk runs, then reboots and you need to choose the Windows 7 option again from the bootloader.
  2. Grub Loading 1.5... Error 17

    Boot From Live CD
    Open Terminal Window
    type >sudo grub
    then type : find /boot/grub/stage1
    you'll get something like: (hd0, 1)
    then type : >root (hd0, 1)
    type: > setup (hd0)
    Remove the Live CD and reboot the system.
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