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Hello my brothers,

I have never really followed any comics before, just casual reads, anyways, DC's New 52 reboot caught my attention, I want to read and follow the series!!!

But..I have a question..are all 52 series connected?

I looked at the DC website, http://dcu.blog.dccomics.com/the-new-52/

and it shows several "headers" such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern...etc, and under each header, there are several "mini-series" such as in Batman, (#1 Batman, #1 Detective Comics, #1 Batman: The Dark Knight...etc)

Are they are different stories/series/arcs for each character? So basically, if I read all #1's of each one, it would only confuse me? Is it best if I just follow one at a time?
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  1. not that i've heard, its DC trying to get people into comics by putting up 52 different #1 issue comics from different superheroes and stories so hopfully when people read them they'll like the story and then want to read (which therefore means buying) the whole set.......
    as for reading comics as long as you know the jist of a superheroes story it doesn't matter where you start in there story arch really as long as you stick with the same seires of comics till you've finished it and then slowly but surly it'll build up your knowledge of that heroes universe,
    hope that helps
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