Hackintosh for Mcp6p M2+ motherboard?

Hello, i there I was wondering if it was possible to make a hackintosh out of:
Mcp6p M2+
Athlon 2 x3
Radeon 6770
I know that most guides on the internet say you need to have ahci enabled but as far as i know this motherboard doesnt have it so i was wondering if it was possible to get OSX running on it without it because ive heard of people being able to do it with this motherboard, i just havent seen any guides on how to do it. So how would i go about doing this? and what distro should i use? Preferably snow leopard

Here's a youtube video of a guy who has the same motherboard as me got osx on his PC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjR3NFUd5gI
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  1. if you can't change from sata to ahci try different distros, i remember ideneb worked for me on sata mode
  2. I keep getting "Real Time Clock Was Not Initialized Properly" and ive put busratio=16.5 and cpus=1 but i still keep getting the same thing. Any ideas?
  3. when booting from the disc press f8
    there you can change some boot values
  4. Yup and You will get mixed answers and guesses in this forum I would reccomend you go over here they are pretty good.


  5. Its obviously possible if someone else has done it, however Apple does not use AMD products so there will always be extra issues.

    I have built at least a dozen hackintoshes with Intel cpus. With intel its almost as easy as loading Windows these days.

    Im currnetly triple booting OSX snow, OSX Lion and Win 7 Ultimate, and I run XP and Win 8 in a virtual machine.

    I have a MSI P67 With a i7 2600k.
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