I have a video card but only reconize 1 monitor

i have a video card but only reconize 1 monitor, I just upgrated to windows 8.(before W-7)
I have not rhe # of this card.
What can I do?
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  1. 1. Maybe driver for this video card is missing. To find the make/model of your video card, you might want to you use PC Wizard which is a free program available at http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/pc-wizard.html
    Once you are able to find which graphics card you are using, you can easily download driver from manufacturer's website.

    2. Hope you are aware of the Windows 8 built-in option for Second Screen
    Press Win+K (Windows key and "K" together) and you would see second screen option and you could go from there.

    Hope that helps.
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