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Basically, I dont think my Laptop likes Windows 7 much but im stuck with it. I recently installed Windows 7 and I got a good months use out of it. Recently its been crashing and blue-screening me but I was still able to log on and get into safe mode. It got bad enough that I re-installed Win7 last night and was working fine this morning but now it completely messed up. I was installing my windows updates, restarted and when it booted up it went to startup repair only to not be able to repair anything. All it does from there is restart or shutdown and even worst is that I cant even get into safe mode, I can't log in to anything!! I have an ACER 7535G with 32bit WIN7 if that helps.

I would appreciate any advice/suggestions.

Thanks in advance

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  1. finally managed to get some assistance from acer. they basically said somethin about a windows recovery. restart your laptop and keep pressing alt and f10 (around 6times) and then u get to another menu where acer runs recovery management program. lets see what happens next. if anyone else has this problem maybe this could help you too.
  2. scratch that. did the complete restore as suggested by those twats at acer (which lost me everything!) and it probably worked for 5 hours until I switched it on this morning. My diagnosis is that it is a hardware problem. So again if your laptop is failing to startup, u need to check your warrenty and get it repaired!
  3. It could be a HDD or RAM issue, can you run Memtest or a similar tool?
  4. ran the memory test from the f8 menu but it didnt identifiy any problems. hopefully acer should be pickin up my laptop tomorrow for repair. wonder how long thats gunna take...
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