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I just got a router (Dlink 704P) to connect 3 computers and for future broadband functionality, but at this time, we just have a regular dialup connection. Can I use the router in conjunction with XP internet connection sharing or something like that to make this work? No idea where to start. Thanks.
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  1. Leave the router until you move away from dial-up.

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  2. So it's not possible? I can't really go away from the router if I want to connect 3 systems.
  3. I think you would need to use ICS, NICs in all PCs attached to a hub, and leave the PC with the dial-up modem on all the time so the others could have a web connection through it.

    That's how I seem to remember it, but imagine sharing a dial-up connection. Your bandwidth is minimal at the moment, without sharing it.

    If you have the PCs, the NICs, the router etc, I suggest a cable or DSL solution and have each PC access the web through the router. With dial-up, you're assigned an IP by the ISP on the dial up. A router would need to be your gateway, so you could enable NAT for all the PCs to access the net, or have a range of IPs so each PC has one. Either way, you're not doing that on dial-up.

    I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's completely useless to use a router in conjuction with dial-up, unless your router can act as a hub or switch without routing enabled. Even then, you still need to have PC 1 serving the net connection to the others with NICs.

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  4. I really appreciate the advice, but I'm not sure you're fully understanding the situation here. I didn't want to get 2 pieces of hardware, so I just got the router/switch/print server, which I figured could function as a switch, which I would have bought presumably. Now, unless I'm missing something important, you can't connect 3 computers without some kind of hubbish device :). The router will actually be used for broadband in the not-to-distant future, but right now, it isn't because we have no broad band connection. Our previous setup connected 2 systems via a crossover cable, which worked fine, but connecting the 3rd changes things. I'm fully aware the connection would be horrible - it already is. I just want the ability to download from any computer, or access the web from the other room if need be. I'm not worried about a connection 24/7. I just want one to be available if the comp with the phone line is online.
  5. In that case, you will need a NIC in PC1, straight thru cable to a hub, straight thru cables to the other PCs and NICs in the other PCs.

    All IPs will have to be in the same subnet, and workgroups configured etc.

    You <b>may</b> be able to use the router as a hub. Try it.

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  6. Yeah, that was my initial plan, but the vote of partial confidence helps, since it's the 2nd or 3rd one I've gotten. I'm willing to open the plastic now. :) Thanks.
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