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I'm playing bridge at msn zone on my acer notebook. The game frame is so small I can't see all the necessary buttons to play the game. Can I increase the frame size?
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  1. Only if you see a full screen option on it. Is this a notebook or a NETbook? Some of the netbooks have a small scren but at pretty high resolution, may make it hard to see some things.

    Are the buttons actually on the screen or do they seem to be hiden past the window boundry? If you can see them but they are too small for you, try to decrease the resolution on the display, you won't fit as much ont he screen, but what's there will be bigger.
  2. cange low screen display can make higher image 1280x960 / 1152 x864 for wide screen 800x600 for TVmonitor very big icon... 1024x1280 for 4:3
  3. There is a frame around the game and some of the buttons on the bridge game are hidden past the frame boundary. The netbook is small, but the game frame is even tinier, only 3 x 5 or so. Can this be enlarged so I can see the buttons and message box? Thanks so much for your help!
  4. The game size is whatever the web site creates, if there are no controls to expand the screen that you can see, you need to contact whatever company is making the game.
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