Doom III alpha doesnt work

First I have to say, that I am from Austria and so my english maybe isnt perfect.

I have downloadet the Doom III alpha version w/ emule (filename doom3.e3-demo-alpha-leak, I dont remeber if it as a .zip or a .rar file), but it doesnt work in Win98 or XP. I have DirectX 9.0b installed on both Windows-versions, but i also tried 8.1 on WinXP.

When I try to start Doom III, in both Win-versions the same happens and it also doesnt5 make any difference, if I use Doom.exe, With Intro doom.exe or No Intro doom.exe: first, the Doom III window appears and everything gets very bright, a lot of things, like the taskbar or the gray parts of windows get white, a few other colors get brighter and only black stays black. After a few minutes the brightness of the screen gets normal again and the content of the Doom-window changes its color form white to gray. After that nothing happens.

I tried this Detonator drivers (in WinXP), because people in differnent forums suggested it: 40.41, 40.72, 41.80 (from the graphics-card-cd), 43.45 (which I had installed when I installed Doom III), 53.03 (newest version). In Win98 I only used 43.45. When I tried to use the drivers up to 40.72, they werent even installed, probably because my GPU wasnt out when they were released. When I used the versions 41.80 or higher, the things that I described above happened.

My System (for details see sig.):

AMD Athlon XP 2700+ @ 179x13
Epox 8RDA+
2x512 MB DDR-400 Infineon (2-2-2-7)
Thermaltake Volcano 7+
Creative GeForce 4 Ti 4600 w/ 8xAGP, 128MB
80GB/8MB Western Digital HDD
16x48 Liton DVD-ROM
52x32x52 Liteon burner

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  1. I have no sympathy for software thieves. Wait for the official release like the rest of us.
  2. I will get the official version when its out, but this will take another year or so.

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  3. What do you expect? It was a leaked (read Stolen) pre-alpha release. Did you expect it to work like the real game???

    Intel P4 2.4B
    MSI 645E Max-U Mobo
    512MB DDR333
    GF3 ti200 64MB
    SB Live 5.1
    WD 60GB (Storage)
    Maxtor 6GB (System)
    Maxtor 120GB
    LG 24x24x32 CDR
    WIN2K PRo SP4
  4. I agree with sparky... Its a leaked version, its not supposed to be bug free, but I'm glad you will buy the retail version when it comes out.

    Anxiously awaiting it here yet?
  5. hence the name ALPHA that means its not done. cs game server -
  6. I now got Doom III to run by installing detonator 41.09 (someone in a different forum suggested this). It is strange, that the game only runs w/ the oldest driver, that supports my GPU.

    @gobeavers: the prescott isnt avialanle yer, at least in Austria, but it will be more expensive than the Athlon 64 and it is also slower nad it doesnt have 64bit, so I would get the A64 instead.

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  7. Ya, I know, it is meant to be more of a humorous sig. Feb 2nd..... And it wont be more expensive than the Athlon 64, the 2.8 ghz version will be ~180, bout 20-30 USD less than the Athlon 64. There is also a rumor about a certain 64-bit thing in the prescott which just needs to be turned on by Intel or something. But it wont be turned on for the launch procs.

    Anxiously awaiting it here yet?
  8. I didnt know, that there will be a 2.8GHz version of the prescott, I thought, that there will be only 3.2 and 3.4GHz. I compared the 3.2GHz to the A64 3200+ and the 3.4GHz to the 3400+ (which is as fast as the FX51 in games), and in both cases the Athlon64-CPUs are faster and cheaper, althought the difference is only about 20-30$ on the 3400/3.4.

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