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Win 7 slow and sometimes will not load google chrome, opera, safari or even IE. Mozilla is Ok to load. the full load as evedencec by messenger loading is up to a halp hour now. Then after it does load the aforementioned browsers crash. Consistently! I have 32 bit and run avast antiviral. i have run ccleaner, ad aware, disk defrag, I have 163 gig free, resistery advanced system care ran but hangs on clean out recycle bin. I cannot open the bin thru desktop either. Help, This machnine is a year old and has given me problems for about 6 months before that it was great I have all but one win update. that one caused the machine to give invaalid reg message and that is impossible.
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  1. Malware, best bet is to reformat.
  2. +1 @ daship
    Save all your stuff and reformat, You will spend more time trying to fix it, and it will never be as good as a clean restore.
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