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i updated my windows vista to windows 7. A few days later i receive this kind of warning when i start ang shutting down my computer. i also cant execute the windows task manager., "logonui.exe-system error. The program cant start because credui.dll is missing from ur computer. try reinstalling the program to fix this problem"
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  1. Hi Alyna, how many errors are you getting? I just read about (and answered) your "the specified procedure could not be found" error.

    If you're having this many errors, maybe it's better to just re-install the whole thing afresh. Upgrades are such a pain anyways.

    Else try and download "credui.dll" by clicking this link.

    Put the downloaded file in the C:\windows\system32 folder. You have to have administrative privileges to do that.
  2. i cant save the downloaded file to windows because need the administrative privileges. but, my account is a administrator... erm. thanks
  3. Does it say you need permission from "Trusted Installer"? If so, do the following-

    1. Please navigate to the "Windows" folder. 2. Right-click on the file/folder and choose Properties. 3. Click the "Security" tab and see if your current user is listed in the "Group or user names" list. If not, please click Edit-> Add button, type the name of your current user in the "Enter the object names to select " box, then click "OK" to add this group. 4. Select the user from the list and then check the "Allow" checkbox next to "Full Control". 5. Click the Advanced button and click the "Owner" tab. Then, press "Edit" button. 6. Select current user from the list and check the "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" checkbox. 7. Click "OK" to save changes and wait for Windows 7 to transfer the ownership of all the objects on the partition. 8. Click OK again to save changes and exit the Properties window.

    Then click Start>Run>type "regsvr32 credui.dll" (without the quotes) to register the file to the system.

    Or you can type cmd in the search box. Right click "cmd.exe" at the top of the search result page. And left click "Run as Administrator".

    In the command prompt that opens up, copy/paste- regsvr32 credui.dll Then press enter.

    You'll be told that the file has been successfully registered.

    Hopefully this will help :)
  4. yeah.. it work. thanks a lot. but i still have a problem in installing software.
  5. What problems are you having? Please type in the error massage if you will or upload the screenshot.
  6. logonui.exe-entry Point Not Found. The procedure entry point CredUnPackAuthenticationBufferW could not be located in the dynamic link library credui.dll

    when i want to install a software;
    C:\users\user\Dekstop\setup_av_free.exe . The specified procedure could not be found

    Some saying that the registry in my computer is corrupted. to fix it, ive to install registrytool. but the problem is, i cant install any downloaded software..
  7. Don't install any registry cleaner. They're a scam. The registry may or may not need a tweak. Lemme look into it.
  8. Is this happening to all applications, or just Avast?

    What's happening IMO is the application is misinterpreting the operating system version and is trying to call a procedure in a previous Windows version of the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that is unavailable in Windows 7.

    This is precisely why one should always do a fresh install rather than upgrade from a previously installed version.

    You can try the following-

    Start>cmd> Right click on cmd.exe>Left click on Run as administrator>Type "sfc /scannow" without the quotes. Leave a space between sfc and the slash. Copy/paste if you want to.

    If nothing else works, just re-format and do a fresh install after backing up your documents.
  9. its happen to all applications. erm.. it doesnt work. (cmd.exe the procedure could not be found). anyway, thanks ya.
  10. You mean you cannot even get to the 'black square window'?

    Yeah, then I think it's time to whip out that Windows 7 installation disk of yours and do a clean install after reformatting the system drive.

    You can try a repair install, but you might yet face issues later on with that.
  11. i do get the 'black square window' if im not run it as administrator. if run as administrator, cmd.exe could not be found.

    yea, maybe the best solution is ive to reformat my disk..
  12. In this particular case, there's no point in running the command prompt without administrative privileges.

    For formatting and re-installing Windows, you know where to find help if you happen to need any :)
  13. microsoft (c) register server- failed. is there anything can fix this failure without reformatting my computer? =)
  14. 1. You can reboot to safe mode and remove recently installed softwares and try
    again. If not working, you can boot to Last Known Good Configuration.

    For that, start/restart your PC. When the initial Dell/HP/Lenovo logo is displayed (or motherboard logo if your's is an assembled PC) press and hold your "F8 Key" which should bring up the "Windows Advanced Options Menu". Use your arrow keys to move to "Last Known Good Configuration" and press your Enter key.

    If that doesn't work, this definitely will....!

    Step 1: Go to Start, Control Panel and click on System.

    Step 2: Now click on the Advanced tab and under Performance, click on Settings.

    Step 3: Click on Data Execution Prevention and select the Turn on DEP for all programs and services except for those I select: radio button.

    Step 4: Now click the Add button and browse to C:\Windows\System32 and choose the regsvr32.exe file. When you get the message stating it could make your computer become unprotected and vulnerable to attacks, just click OK to continue.

    Click OK and then click OK again to exit. Now try to run the regsvr32 command again from the command line and you should hopefully not get this error!
  15. erm... i try. but no seems to work. m still cant install any applications. thanks so much calguyhunk =)
  16. i just found that:
    regsvr32credui.dll is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file
  17. I categorically wrote regsvr32 credui.dll with a blank between 32 and credui! Please cut and paste and follow properly.
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