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ive a problem to install any software on windows 7. i cant even install games whish is compatible with wins 7. This message will appear when i want to run/install a software. " the specified procedudre could not be found"
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  1. You can try to use a restore point and go back to a point where this behavior did not occur.
  2. i cant run the restore point. i get this kind of message "the program can't start because credui.dll is missing from your computer." thank you..
  3. ^ Yeah, I gave her the download link in another thread yesterday. Just giving her the instructions on getting administrative privileges and registering the file.
  4. i try download the link u give me and now i have credui.dll odi. but another error came out.. for example if i want to install a software or want to run task manager, i got this message ' logonui.exe-entry point not found. the procedure entry point CredUnPackAuthenticationBufferW could not be located in the dynamic link library credui.dll ' i totally dont have any idea about that error..
  5. Alyna, please use just 1 thread. It's confusing with 2 different ones.

    Use the other one from now on. Are you still getting this error after following my instructions in the other thread? I think not, 'coz this entry was typed before the other one where you said that the dll was indeed successfully registered in the library.

    Again, forget 'bout this thread. Use the other one.
  6. maybe your game not for win7 but XP / vista..?
    install DOSBOX for your game :
  7. ^@ henydiah - Please go through the other thread that I had linked in my second last post. Having problems installing everything from AV software to utility programs. Lined out solutions for her. Nothing seemed to work.
  8. I have install all program have problem error. Can you help me ?
  9. keosinoeun said:
    I have install all program have problem error. Can you help me ?

    What seems to be the problem(s)? You should start a new thread and post a link here on this thread as well :)
  10. i cannot see any thing what i want
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