good day,PLS help about this readyboost thing, i have 1gb ram laptop using windows7.. i try inserting IMATION and SANDISK but in the properties it says "the device cannot be used for readyboost"... i dont know why.. any advise what brand of usb flash disc prefer to work?
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  1. Might want to try the Windows 7 sub-forum. You are likely to get noticed by the Win7 experts that way.

    Hope you get your answer!
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  3. all flashdisk compatible maybe your flaskdisk contain something file underprotect
    try format your flasdisk with Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool software

    this soft can format your Flashdisk to NTSF /FAT32
  4. 1. Format the flash drive with the FAT32 file system, not NTFS,
    2. Make sure the USB port is 2.0, not 1.1.
  5. Not all flash drives are readyboost capable.They usually will be labeled so when you purchase them!

    look in the descriptions on this site it is labeled!

    if this helps vote best answer!
  6. I use a Dane Elec 4gb (kmart 11.99 sale) and a PNY Attache 512mb (free craigslist) for my Win7 Ulitmate readyboost.
    Any newer major name (PNY,Dane etc) should work.
    I did see a compatibility chart for usb drives for vista one time by googling it.
    Definitely format with Fat. I used exFat for mine.Newer and a little quicker file system according to benchmarks.
    also when you first plug in and check readyboost it might say fail but use the test option. On my PNY it said failed then I tested and it is fine.
    Also according to Vista benchmarks it really didnt make a difference unless you were below 2gb or so of ram.
    I havent seen any Win7 benches ( i googled and none came up) but if you have 2 or more gigs then it isnt really anything to worry about.
    Apps do seem to launch a split sec faster but that is hard to measure.
    I have 2gb so I use it.I figure it cant hurt.
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