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Hello,i have a problem with gaming with 2 screens in vista. I want to use 1 screen for a game and the other for things like msn and finding info about the game. this seems easy but (for me) is nearly impossible becouse i cant move the cursor out of the monitor with the game and with some games where i can as soon as i click the game minimalizes.
i heard there are some programs to work around this problem but i cant find them.
thx for the help

p.s. im sorry if this post is in the wrong place but i dont know how to get it someplace else and where to put it.
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  1. Depending on the game, you can play it in Windowed Mode. To see if your game supports this, load your game then go into the Options and go to the Graphics settings. See if there is a checkbox or an option for windowed mode. If there is, select it and save changes.

    If your game doesn't support windowed mode, then you are stuck.
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