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Im getting a new computer today with Windows XP Professional eddition. Ive
been running Windows systems since 3.1, and most of my expierence is with
Windows 98se which I know that system in and out and like the back of my
hand. I have used XP Home eddition and know XP fairly well, just not that
indepth cause I havent had my own computer to explore around the options.
Now, The system thats coming is going to have Windows XP Pro already
installed on it with only the hardware drivers of the computer. They said
they do a 24 hour burn in test so the OS is already installed. They said I
could have it removed and blank if I wanted, but I decided to get it
installed so when the system arrives I can check and make sure all the
hardware etc I order is all correct. I know, I know, I really would of liked
to Install and configure XP myself just so I have expierence with it but im
going to miss out on that part unless I format the computer in the future.
Now, my question is, by which means can I go into options and make sure that
the User account on the machine that im going to use has all administrative
and all options enabled. I ask this cause ive had problems in the past with
programs that cant install because it says I dont have full admin privleges
when im on the admin account.

Also, my second question is I hurd you cant change any hardware for some odd
days after XP is installed which could be a problem since I plan on
upgradeing the sound and video card in the near future, wuts the deal with
this? Can somone explain how long this takes or what I have to do to install
new components...

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.security_admin (More info?)

    Well, I have the e-mail for the computer place whom has replyed to me many
    times so far and I can get the info if they dont give it to me in the
    package, I was very unhappy haveing them do the system for me but, only
    reason im doing that is so when I get it I can check it and make sure it has
    what I orderd so if not i can send it back asap. I plan on going through all
    the settings and customizeing them ill probably be asking more questions
    around these forums, the info you provided Bar helps me

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