black and white install problem

Tried to install Black&White on my PC, but the game doesn't even load. Uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times with no luck. I can install other games and they play fine. Have all the latest driver updates. DirectX version 9.0.

Pentium 4 Processor,2.6cGHz,800MHz Front Side Bus
Asus P4P800VM Motherboard 865g chipset
128MB Nvidia GeForce FX5200
1024MB (2X512) Geil Ultra DDR400 memory
Hitachi Deskstar 80GB Serial ATA Hard Drive 7200 RPM,8MB Buffer, 8.5 Seek Time.
Intergrated Sound
Chieftec Infinity Case
PowerUp 400 Watt Power Supply
Samsung SyncMaster 17" Flat Screen
Windows XP Home Edition
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  1. is it retail or copy?

    dont kill me for sounding patronising but if it installs did u try patching it before u attempt to run it?

    also when u say doesnt load, B&W has a part when loading where the screen goes black for about 30secs and it looks like its crashed.. this isnt yur prob is it?

    finally... B&W is a useless game that was hyped to the moon and back. personally I think your lucky not to be put through the hell of hearing this constantly "we need more food" i almost threw the pc out the window and any other player of B&W prollyy knows what I mean.

    "I'm the dog from the advert. Would you like to stroke my coat?"
  2. well it couldn't have been as bad as dungeon siege. I think they should issue an offical warning against that game. (and I'm going to kick the person that gave me the game in the balls for it)

    A complete waste of my time, and I was inbetween school and a job and was bored stiff, yet I still found it a waste of my time. I kept on playing hoping for it to improve.... THAT WAS STUPID!

    If all else fails: Read The Manual
  3. Oh common.. it was fun for a while.

    that constant wipser of *death* was eerie.
  4. it is retail and yes i did try the patch and it did not work im sorry to say.
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