printing problem with wireless laptop

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Wireless laptop works well, on the internet . But I can not print from the laptop.

Pinter is a HP PSC 2110XI

OS is Xp home on both computers

Fire walls on laptop are Norton

Fire walls on machine A is Macafee

Linx sys router

.... when looking for the printer from the laptop, it reads:
under the Microsoft Windows Network
() "Name of Computer"

selected that printer ( the only one) I get an report : reads:

Windows cannot connect to the printer. Either the printer name was typed incorrectly, or the specified printer has lost its connection to the server.

We've tried renaming the share printer name.. But Add printer Wizard searches for the new share printer name... it doesnot appear.... rather keeps bring up the "orginal" () "Name of the Computer". Typing in the new name doesn't help either.

The Collins
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    I am currently talking to HP about which of their printers are compatible with Wi-Fi. They have told me that among their multifunction printers only their PSC 2510 is Wi-Fi compatible with 802.11g and Ethernet on board. The also told me that their PSC models would not work with a Wi-Fi USB print server.
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    Thanks, I will pass that on.. If you hear or see anything else, please let me know. Appreciate it.
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    I was just wondering, if there could be a "file" set up on machine A and when Maching B (wirelap top) sends or Shares the file with the network, it would automaticly print. So you are using the machine A, but sending it still through the wireless, networking? Make any sense? Just brainstorming.
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