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Major Window 7 & Outlook 2010 issues! Please, please help me out here.

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  • Outlook 2010
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December 2, 2010 2:41:21 PM

I am hoping - make that praying-that someone can help me resolve my Windows 7 issues. I have seen 3 techs who all cannot offer a solution, let alone identify what/why is happening.

Background: From Staples, I purchased a new HP Pavilion dv6 laptop. Along with Windows 7 Home and Business (single user license key for just under 300$). Next, I replaced my 2007 Blackerry with a brand new 2010 Blackberry Broad. Next, Quickbooks Pro 2010 Software, and Norton 360 (all 2010) from Staples. Using Central Desktop for project management. I am one of two owners of a small marketing agency. My business partner uses a PC also, on an older version of Windows with no problems. Me: Well here it goes:

Central Desktop will not sync or even work with Windows 7.

Quickbooks Pro 2010 will not work with Windows 7 - Outlook is not even recognized as being on my computer! Outlook is the only email application I use, yet my PC and Windows programs act as though Outlook does not even exist on my PC.

Thus, I cannot email from Quickbooks or sync with Outlook Contacts.

Next, even after most recent updates, Blackerry does not even recognize Oulook 2010 on my PC; thus, I am unable to sync my Outlook Calendar to my Blackberry - even though my Oulook emails go to my Blackberry as well. Can't sync Calendars though.

When I go into Control Panel or Default settings on my PC, Oulook does not even appear as an icon or option - only Windows Live Mail appears as an option.

Again, techs shrug and tell me this is a Micro 7 issue that requires a patch - nothing I can do. So, I carry around a paper-calendar and cant rely on my Windows for squat!

Then there's the weird missing files. I will have a printed copy in front of my nose, meanwhile, no trace of it ever existing on my PC...

I am now recommended to purchase Windows 7 Pro (just under 700$). Not to mention more tech fees. This PC and Windows issue has already cost me a fortune. Now I am told to purchase more with no guarantees? I just purchased all the programs in July and August 2010!!!! Now I am told to purchase new Quickbooks and new Windows (even higher versions), after only 5 months using orginal software purchases.

Lastly, While working in one window, often and randomly, i will be jumped to a new window. Cursor also tends to jump around from time to time.

Anyone have any ideas for me?

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December 2, 2010 3:01:08 PM

Wow, you got taken that's what I have to start and say. So, tell me right now what is the current setup your running.
Operating System? Blackberry Sync Software? Microsoft Office? and Quickbooks?. I'm a tech and I've seen little things like this before and dealt with techs that honestly don't want to take the time and actually look into the problem to fix it. Everyone, over the years wants to blame someone else for the problem oh it's this company and "Yea thats a microsoft issue they need to come out with a patch for that." I've yet to see any MAJOR problems with 7 where microsoft says we have to put a service pack out to fix something. So, please tell me your current setup with the questions I've asked and I'd be more then happy to do my best to help you out.
a c 376 $ Windows 7
December 2, 2010 4:39:22 PM

If you click on Start - Programs, is Microsoft Office there? Do Word, Excel and such work, only Outlook is having issues? I don't see a Office 2010 purchase in your list, Office 2010 won't be on there just because it's a new computer.

Whoever said you need Windows 7 Pro is an idiot and the $700 chage for it is for what? The most expensive Pro is about $250 for a new Full license and half of that for an upgrade or OEM copy.

You need to find some friends that know computers and have them check on the PC, and never bring your computer to a big box store, 90% of the time you will get terrible advice and service. Most of the people who work there are not "Pro", but rather some kids who like to play games and can tell the difference between an monitor and a keyboard. You won't find a good PC tech working for those places (maybe rarely there will be one), most will be making double the salary in real jobs.

For Central Desktop, have you contacted them for the issues?

If you are missing files, need more info here, where are they missing from? Email, your documents folder, external drive?